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When you write a blog, when you write articles, maybe, you uould like to use the article rewrite tool, but, what is the best rewriting tool? which rewrite article tool is the best? What is the article rewrite tool? Now, we highly recommended you to choose The Best Spinner...

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1. Through the above connection later The best spinner, you will receive a password and Email software download, as well as tutorial immediately.

2. Unless you later decide you no longer use TBS, and then in the background Paypal cancel the automatic renewal, or if you cancel, account number and password will fail.

The Best Spinner - the world's best English pseudo-original / rewriting tool

We do Chinese stationmaster biggest problem is that English, English SEO article content, including a foreigner myself, after all, every time create new and original article is not an easy task, so the false original tool (rewrite / spinner) and therefore should be transported birth.

If we are looking for professionals to rewrite the original article in English, generally cost $ 5/500 words, how high costs and constraints development of the site.

The most cost-effective solution is to use some pseudo-original tool to rewrite the article, let it be unique and original content.

In fact, I, like everyone else on the Internet to find a lot of rewriting tool, such Easyrewriter, WordFlood pseudo-original, and some online sites. In fact, they are not updated thesaurus N long, the generated content is really a mess, do not have any readability.

After using The Best Spinner, to know what the top English pseudo-original. The Best Spinner with them what is the difference?

The Best Spinner is a revolutionary, you can quickly generate hundreds of original articles to your article again, rewrite the software! I use The Best Spinner and found that it has a lot of innovative features, these features do not appear in the other pseudo-original tool.

Of course, The Best Spinner the best place is its built-in dictionary, thesaurus these are tens of thousands of users are using The Best Spinner when the increase into the lexicon, that thousands of users in update maintenance the best Spinner thesaurus, as more foreigners to use, so the best Spinner thesaurus can keep the best and most advantageous state. It is also expected other similar software and is not.

Rewrite the rules TheBestSpinner: synonyms, synonyms, phrases replacement, that use TheBestSpinner rewritten articles or have the readability and can substantially maintain the original intent of the article, that is to say in English Readable.

TheBestSpinner operability:

The rewriting tool is quite easy to use, I looked at the before and after using the official video directly on the use, in fact it is very simple operation, good buy after downloading the program is installed, enter the account number and password (account number and password you buy instantly to the mailbox) can be used after landing.

Overwrite operation type according to their favorite and everyone's favorite articles were rewritten, I usually choose to use direct everyone's favorite to rewrite simple and quick.


How to use The Best Spinner manual and automatic article rewrite it again:


1, The Best Spinner overridden manually:

We want to rewrite the contents of the article copied to The Best Spinner of Aricle box, and then select the synonyms in the lower right software, Good, Best, and ALL, GOOD means common and less common synonym, Best is the most common synonyms, ALL is All keywords, according to their needs, then click on the "Identify", wait a few seconds, you can see there can be replaced at the bottom of the keyword line line. Then press the "Tab" key on the keyboard will display a selection box lets you choose synonyms.

Of course, you can also use the mouse to move to replace these personal preferences. After replacing the good of all synonyms, then click on the top of The Best Spinner "Spun Aricle" (meaning generate article) Finally we can get a unique and original article. Manual override can guarantee 100% read rate. The disadvantage is that it takes a few minutes to rewrite.


The Best Spinner



2, The Best Spinner is automatically overwritten:

Similarly, we have to rewrite the contents of the article copied to The Best Spinner of Aricle box, click on the toolbar The Best Spinner Replace Everyone's Favorites (according to everyone's favorite rewrite) as shown below:


The Best Spinner



A total of four rewrite mode, from Good to Best, rewrite the content, the more the higher the original article, but I also found that readability with the degree of change rewrite, rewrite if you're also taking into account visitors reading experience, that you can generally choose Best,

Also note that under article needed to optimize the keywords do not replace, the Protected Terms options inside the input you want to keep the key words.

Then click "Repace" instantly replace synonyms, and finally click "Spun Aricle" can get our dear the article. The Best Spinner is automatically overwritten advantage is save effort, the disadvantage is readable rate of only 80-90%. Personal absolutely The Best Spinner is automatically overwritten station group for us to do, when to use, a few seconds they can engage in a high-quality article, I was so used, more cool!

The Best Spinner two days before the upgrade to version 2.41, adds many features, such as Copyscape copyright inspection function, this would be very useful, as for other functions do not write more.

The Best Spinner have cracked version? The answer is no, after The Best Spinner installation size is only 284KB because its database is on the server, so the upgrade thesaurus are directly on the server, which means it is a synonym dictionary to log in the server after validated to use, so the market did not break, yes, remember that there have been cracks, but a few days it was found owners directly invalid.

In fact, I personally think that good software is to support genuine! Just work hard, you can earn this money back soon, mainly to save us time.

Undoubtedly, The Best Spinner is the best English pseudo-original / Rewriting Tool.TheBestSpinner is the best rewriting tool!

Currently TheBestSpinner provide $ 7 trial week-long event, after the end of the trial at $ 77 / year, compared to $ 47 in start / year price a lot, but it is still worth the price! Supports the use of Paypal purchase, the purchase process is very simple, after landing the official website points directly ordering button on the page that appears choose to use Paypal to pay, and then confirm the payment after the completion of the jump directly to the download page, then download the program after installation can be use, account number and password will be sent to the mailbox later time.

PS: TheBestSpinner an account can be more than one computer to use it? Yes, but not while landing an account to use.

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